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Guidance on Indemnity


All dental professionals must, by law, have an indemnity arrangement or insurance policy in place.  This is so that any patient who suffers harm can recover any money they might be entitled.  Compensation would only be in the event of a successful claim.


Indemnity declaration


When you register with the GDC, or when you renew your registration annually, you will be asked for a declaration.  This will be to:

    • confirm that you have indemnity or insurance arrangements in place; or
    • confirm that you will have indemnity or insurance arrangements in place by the time you start practising.


It is important to be sure that your policy, or the policy you are arranging, is sufficient.  The policy must permit you to undertake all of the tasks that you do at all your current work locations. If in doubt,  seek advice from potential providers, your professional association or your employer.

Making a false declaration to the GDC is a serious issue. If you falsely declare to the GDC that you have appropriate cover in place this is likely to be considered as a fitness to practise matter. If you are covered under someone else’s policy (for example your employer’s) it is your responsibility to check this before making the declaration.

You may, at some point, be asked to provide evidence that you have indemnity or insurance in place to the GDC.

There are different types of risk insurance and it is up to yo to decide which type of cover you require.

For more information please download the Guidance on Indemnity from the GDC.


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