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Dental Recruitment

Dental Recruitment Made Easy – Connecting Clients to Candidates 24/7

All-In-One Hiring Platform

Interested in recruiting at a fraction of the cost? Looking to view potential candidate profiles? Join our all-in-one hiring platform and let candidates find you and your available jobs. Purchase from various Job Posting or CV Packages and hire great talent now.

Locum Staff Cover

We understand that staff shortages can occur at any time, so our dental recruitment team are available 24/7 and can therefore take care of your short-term staffing needs at any time (subject to availability).

Bespoke Recruitment Solutions

Would you rather one of our consultants took care of the recruitment process? Hand over the task of recruitment to our agency team, we would be glad to have a discussion about your requirements.

Key features

All-In-One Hiring Platform

Connecting Employers and Candidates 24/7


Easy-access dashboard with all the vital recruitment tools at your fingertips

Jobs Packages

Choose from various job listing packages to post your job in the preferred way

Applicant Tracker

Keep track of your job applicants per job and either shortlist or reject them

Featured Service

Stand out and list higher with the featured employer or job listing add-on service

Profile Builder

Get noticed by candidates by building a comprehensive profile of your business

Candidate Search

Find the perfect candidate using the search function with various search filters.

Advanced SEO

The platform has advanced search engine optimisation driving traffic to the site

CV Packages

Download or save candidates’ CVs to your PC using one of the CV packages

Calendar Function

See your scheduled meetings and interviews on the inbuilt calendar

Message Function

Send private messages direct to candidates using the chat or email function

Resource Centre

Access useful information, resources and tools for dental staff and dental employers

Email Alerts

Be notified via email once a candidate applies or contacts you.

all-in-one hiring platform

How It Works:
The Steps to Your Next Hire!

Assign Dental Recruitment’s all-in-one hiring platform connects you to dental practices that are hiring.  Our platform uses technology to match you to hiring practices.  The simple steps to setting up your candidate profile:

1. Create an employer profile

Create a profile

Your profile is like a digital billboard that contains all the relevant information that dental jobseekers want to know including your location, contact information, team members, awards, affiliations and any other information you wish to display.

Having a complete profile enhances your chances of being noticed by dental jobseekers and showcases what you’re about.

2. Post jobs and search candidate profiles

Job Applications

Purchase a Job Posting Package and you will be able to immediately post a new job live. The job will be matched with candidates seeking the criteria you have set and they will be notified of the new listing. With a CV Download Package you can also browse dental candidate profiles, download their CV and contact them directly via the inbuilt chat function. Candidate profiles can be saved to your favourites to visit later on.

Each role and job applications can be managed in the user-friendly dashboard and you can shortlist and reject candidates with one click, with instant notifications sent directly to them.

3. Arrange interviews or meetings

Interviews and Meetings

You will be able to schedule interviews and meeting requests directly from the dashboard using the ‘Meetings’ calendar function.

All notifications will be sent immediately by email.

4. Hired!


Save on the cost of traditional recruitment with our simple to use all-in-one hiring platform.

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Employer Dashboard

Below is brief details of each tab in the All-in-One Hiring Platform dashboard for employers.

Dashboard Menu

The company profile is your opportunity to make your practice stand out and attract dental jobseekers. Therefore it is important  that your profile is complete and detailed to ensure you stand out. Your profile should contain the important details that candidates are looking for including:

-your contact information,

-your location (including a map),

-social media links,

-description about you.  There is an opportunity to post pictures and videos. You have the option to add a profile picture too (recommended).

The platform also has the ability to add team members and set them up with a user profile with varying control levels for the recruitment process.

Posting a new job is quick and easy. The form will collect all the relevant information that dental jobseekers want including:


-job description

-application deadline

-job type

-required skills



-qualifications required

-level of experience required

-location with map

The form also has a function to set up screening questions to applicants. You can show of the practice using multiple pictures and videos.

This tab contains all your jobs you have posted with the ability to get an overview of the position including the number of applicants.

This section allows you to:

-view, edit, duplicate or delete a job,

-choose to pay for the job to be featured (shows higher in searches) 

-mark the job as filled or

-set the job as featured (to stand out and show higher up search results)

The 'All Applicants' tab allows Employers to see all the applicants that have applied per posted job.

Functions of this section include:

-the ability to filter applicants per job

-see the total number of applicants, the number you have rejected and those that have been shortlisted.

-preview the applicants profile,

-download their CV,

-create meetings,

-shortlist for interview,

-reject or delete the applicant.

After purchasing a CV Viewing Package, you can save candidates by clicking the 'Save Candidate' button in their profile. You can view (whilst the candidate profile is active) or delete your favourite candidates at any time from the Dashboard

There are currently 2 types of package on offer on our AIO hiring platform:

-Job Posting Packages

-CV Packages

When these packages are purchased by an employer, a record of these will show in the 'Packages' tab and will allow the user to check the detail for each one, including expiry, and how much of the package has been used and how much remains.

The 'Transactions' tab will show details of all the order transactions the Employer has made on our platform.

Any candidates that choose to follow your Company will show in this tab. They will be notified by email when you list a new jobs.

The Resource Centre is an area of the website filled with useful information, resources and tools for dental employers including information on CPD, indemnity and downloadable dental guidance and policies.

The meetings tab enables employers to set their availability for meetings and interviews. The 'Meeting' tab also has the ability to reschedule meetings with candidates.

There is a unique Zoom Meetings function built into the platform that would require the user to add their Zoom API details. This would then generate meetings via Zoom (if preferred).

The AIO Platform is built with a message / chat function that allows you to privately communicate with Candidates. This is a unique function that has been built for speed and direct access.

This section details any reviews that have been left for the employer by candidates seeking employment.  This helps develop site integrity and pushes employers to maintain great standards of communication.

At the top of the main page in the Candidate Dashboard you have 'Settings' tab for Notifications. In this section you have the ability to switch 'On' and 'Off' the following notifications:

-when new jobs are listed

-when you are shortlisted for an interview

-when you are rejected for a job

-when you have a job interview meeting

-when you are invited to apply for a job

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