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Begin your dental job search today!  Assign Dental Recruitment can help you find your next dental job. 

All-In-One Hiring Platform

Looking to get noticed? Create a candidate profile on our all-in-one hiring platform and let employers find you. Apply for the latest permanent and temporary dental jobs and contact employers directly.

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Are you looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash? Do you want to make the most of your days off by working in different dental practices? Join our locum dental team and enhance your experience with Assign Dental Recruitment.

Resource Centre

Resource centre with useful information, resources and tools for dental job seekers. The complete Candidate Resource Centre is available for registered users from the Candidate Dashboard.

Key features

All-In-One Hiring Platform

Connecting Employers and Candidates 24/7

Friendly Dashboard

Easy-access dashboard with all the vital recruitment tools at your fingertips

Job Search

Find the perfect job using the comprehensive job search with a range of search filters

Job Alerts

Set up custom job alerts that can be emailed to you with links to jobs that may suit you

Job Suggestions

Job suggestions are emailed to you when new jobs that suits your requirements are listed

CV Builder

Build and download a professional CV using our CV builder

Profile Builder

Get noticed by employers by building a profile of your skills, experience and education

Apply & Track

Apply quickly and easily with your uploaded CV or profile, and track your progress

Employer Search

Find employers using the search function with various search filters

Calendar Function

See your scheduled meetings and interviews on the inbuilt calendar

Message Function

Send private messages direct to employers using the chat or email function

Resource Centre

Access useful information, resources and tools for dental staff

Save & Send Jobs

Save jobs to your favourites and send jobs to your email or to colleagues

all-in-one hiring platform

How It Works:
The Steps to Getting Hired!

Assign Dental Recruitment’s all-in-one hiring platform connects you to dental practices that are hiring.  Our platform uses technology to match you to hiring practices.  The simple steps to setting up your candidate profile:

1. Create a candidate profile

Create a profile

Your profile is like a digital CV which contains all the relevant information that hiring dental employers want to know including skills skills, education, experience, expertise, languages and awards.  Having a complete profile enhances your chances of being noticed by dental employers.  Setting alerts will also enable insta-matching to jobs that have already been posted, and when new jobs are posted.

2. Apply for jobs and get noticed

Job Applications

Once your profile is set, you can use it to apply for jobs that match your skills.  Dental employers will be able to engage with you if they feel your skills and experience matches jobs that they have available.  Use the inbuilt chat function to message dental employers directly if you’re interested in jobs they have listed or if you have any questions.  To apply for an available position, simply click ‘Apply for this Job’.  Save job listings in your ‘Favourites’ to visit later on.  

3. Arrange interviews or meetings

Interviews and Meetings

You can book meeting requests and interviews directly from the dashboard. 

4. Get Hired!


Stand out and get hired!

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Candidate Dashboard

Below is brief details of each tab in the All-in-One Hiring Platform dashboard for candidates.

Dashboard Menu

Your profile is your opportunity to sell yourself to dental employers. The more complete and detailed your profile is the more you will stand out.

Your profile will contain the important details that employers are looking for including your contact information, your location, your position, description about you, availability, social media links. You have the option to add a profile picture too.

Your profile score needs to be above 70% to be visible and noticed by employers.

Build a professional CV in no time!

Add a cover letter, skills, education, experience, and other key information and this will be used along details from your profile to create a downloadable CV.

Any jobs that you apply for will be saved to this tab so that you can revert back to them at any point while the job is active.

Here you can save multiple uploaded copies of your CV, used to apply for jobs. Prospective employers can also view your CV as a candidate for a job they may have.

During your job search, if you click the little heart in the job listing, this job will be saved to the 'Favourite Jobs' tab in your Dashboard. You can view (whilst the job is active) or delete your favourite jobs at any time from the Dashboard.

At present there are no packages that can be purchased by Candidates, however this is something that will be rolled out in the future.

You can choose different Employers to follow, and these will be saved to the 'Following' tab. When they list new jobs, a notification will be sent to your email.

Any meetings that have been scheduled with you by an Employer will show in the Calendar. You have the ability to reschedule the meeting or add it to an external calendar on your phone or computer.

The AIO Platform is built with a message / chat function that allows you to privately communicate with Employers. This is a unique function that has been built for speed and direct access.

The Resource Centre is an area of the website filled with useful information, resources and tools for dental job seekers including help with writing a CV and interview help and preparation.

You will need a candidate user account. Go to the Job Search Page. At the top there is a box titled ' Email Me New Jobs'. Here you can set a new Job Alert name and choose the frequency you wish to be emailed. You can select:



-job type




-years of experience

To amend or delete Job Alerts, use the 'Job Alerts' tab in the candidate dashboard menu.

At the top of the main page in the Candidate Dashboard you have 'Settings' tab for Notifications. In this section you have the ability to switch 'On' and 'Off' the following notifications:

-when new jobs are listed

-when you are shortlisted for an interview

-when you are rejected for a job

-when you have a job interview meeting

-when you are invited to apply for a job

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